Enjoy pics on the side

Sidepic stores images separate from your main photo library.

It’s perfect for photos you don’t want cluttering your main photo library. Like pics you don’t want synced by the Photos app, images you gather from the web, or any other photos you want to keep separate. Sidepic stores photos on your device so they are always available, just off to the side.

Photos App Friendly

Import pictures from the Photos app to save a copy in Sidepic. You can also export from Sidepic back to the Photos app.

Paste Like a Pro

Copy an image to the clipboard from another app, then just paste it into Sidepic as a new photo.

In Tune with iTunes

Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to iTunes, then drag and drop JPG, PNG, or other supported images directly to Sidepic.

Save from Any App

You can send photos to Sidepic from any app that supports iOS actions. Just tap the share button and look for “Save to Sidepic” in the row of gray buttons.

Modern and Minimal

Sidepic is built for iOS 8 and up, featuring a simple and intuitive design. From the basic black background to a full-screen viewing option, Sidepic keeps the focus where it belongs: your photos.

Sidepic Does All This

Import pictures from your Photos library.

Paste a photo from the clipboard.

Add photos via iTunes when connected to your Mac or PC.

Save to Sidepic from apps that support iOS image share actions.

Export photos back to the Photos app.

Share photos using iOS share actions.

Swipe through photos to view them, similar to the Photos app.

While viewing a photo, single-tap for full-screen viewing.

While viewing a photo, double-tap or pinch to zoom and scale.

Delete multiple photos (from the grid) or single photos (when viewing).

Looks great in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Any Questions?

Still wondering about Sidepic? Check out these answers to some common questions.

Does Sidepic password-protect photos?
No. Sidepic is not intended to hide photos or keep secrets. It’s not password-protected, disguised as a fake app, or anything else sneaky. It’s just a simple and convenient way to keep photos separate from the Photos app.
How does Sidepic organize my photos?
Sidepic stores photos as one big collection of pictures, ordered by the date they were added. The newest photos are at the bottom.
How do I use the Save to Sidepic feature?
First, make sure you’re using another app that supports sharing images — it won’t work if the app shares links or other kinds of content. If you see the standard iOS action for saving an image (to your Photos app) then saving to Sidepic will also work. Swipe the row of gray buttons so you can see the right-most “More” button. Tap “More” and turn on the Save to Sidepic action. You can also reorder the actions to move Save to Sidepic higher in the list.
Are Sidepic photos backed up?
Photos in Sidepic are backed up as part of your normal iTunes or iCloud backup. If you don’t want your Sidepic photos to use up iCloud storage space, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage and exclude Sidepic.

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